Approval Workflows With DStore

The Process

Business processes that require approval at various stages are common in organizations. These are typically paper based processes with human tasks involved. Electronic approval workflows enable more efficient management of business processes in the organization. These workflows manage and track human tasks involved with a process. They also provide a record of that process when it completes.


  • The manual movement of documents brings delays in processing
  • The possibility of misplacement of documents
  • Document copies have to be maintained, adding to cost of paper and storage
  • Lack of visibility in tracking the process at different stages
  • Access to documents when it has moved from one stage to another
  • Alerts for the arrival of documents
  • Adding approval comments on documents


DStore completely automates these processes by document capture, management and work flow

  • DStore enables the defining of workflow templates with the different participants in the workflow
  • Documents can be scanned, indexed and referenced from one or more central or remote locations
  • Documents can be grouped into folders
  • Users can choose a folder or a document and send it in a workflow selected from the predefined list
  • Documents/Folders move across workflow stages from verification to approval
  • The stage of approval workflow can be tracked for a status notification


  • Reduces delay time for the approval workflow
  • Gives online access to documents with security
  • Reduces document copy charges and storage space
  • Improves the business process by tracking/monitoring
  • Gives alerts on pending tasks
  • Document/folder routing is automated

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