Quality Document Management With DStore

The Process

In manufacturing quality plays a significant role from material procurement to the delivery. The quality department (QD) must put systems in place so that they communicate effectively about product requirement, performance and testing. They must be able to identify non conformity and work with other departments to put in place an effective corrective action and follow-up on its application. The QD maintains all documents raised on every goods received note and outsourced product receipt. The quality certificates may be internal or standard certificates based on the nature of manufacturing. The QD also maintains all the test reports on assembled machinery. All the documents are maintained against a product order. Materials that do not conform to quality standards will either be rejected or sent to an organizational committee (R &D, Quality, Manufacturing and Management) for re-fabrication approval.


  • Maintaining all the documents that are mandatory for internal and external auditing.
  • Lack of collaboration between various departments on documents
  • Possibility of missing mandatory documents for a production order
  • Possibility of misplacement of documents causing delays
  • Document copies maintained in various stages of the process, adding to cost of paper and storage
  • Lack of visibility in tracking the process at different stages resulting in communication gaps and loss of productivity


DStore completely automates these processes by document capture, management and work flow

  • All quality documents can be scanned, indexed and referenced from one or more central or remote locations and archived in a central repository
  • Documents can be maintained in folders for each production order.
  • Every re-fabrication work order can move in a workflow to the committee for approval and kept as a record with all relevant documents
  • At every stage of the production order alerts for test report are generated.
  • New documents added to the document set will be immediately available in the cur - rent folder
  • Integration to existing software enables exchange of data


  • Reduces delay time for document processing
  • Gives online access to documents with security
  • Reduces document copy charges and storage space
  • Enhances customer satisfaction
  • Improves operational exigency

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