Medical Record Management With DStore

The Process

The management of patient records is becoming increasingly critical for patient care and to meet compliance requirements. When a patient has registered in a hospital, the hospital id is created in the Hospital Management System (HMS) and a physical file is created. Subsequently all records of the patient are added to the same file. The patient file is maintained from registration to discharge and for subsequent visits. Patients are assigned to doctors during the registration process. Based on prior appointments and emergencies patients are put on a waiting list queue to meet the doctor. The doctor carries out investigations and makes prescriptions for the patient based on the present condition and past history. The doctor needs to have all the records related to the patient at the time of examination.


  • Retrieval of patient files from the Medical Record department
  • Maintaining all the patient records including doctor's prescription
  • Coordination between various departments in hospital
  • Waiting room management
  • Possibility of misplacement of documents
  • Storage space required to keep all the records


DStore completely automates these processes by document capture, management and work flow

  • All the patient records are scanned, indexed and archived in a central repository
  • Patient records are accessed according to user authorization
  • Digitized documents are stored in folders of each patient record
  • All reports generated from HMS automatically archived in the patient record
  • Digital pen captures data from a doctor's prescription and adds it to patient record for future reference
  • Integration with HMS to schedule patient registration and meeting with doctor
  • Screen in the waiting room to display patient's turn


  • Enhances patient satisfaction
  • Meets compliance requirements
  • Immediate access of all records of patient files by the doctor
  • Reduces congestion at waiting room
  • Doctor can manage his schedule according to patient list
  • Reduces document copy charges and storage space
  • Improves operational exigency

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