Loan Processing Solution With DStore

The Process

Financial institutions have several branch offices spread across regions and geographies. Loan applications are processed in central credit hubs depending on the nature of loan required and the value of loan. The process involves collecting loan documents from the customer, verification and dispatch to Head Office for further processing. The credit hub at the Head Office receives applications and makes recommendations for further approval. After approvals at several levels, the loan is dispersed. The entire document set is then sent to the branch office.


  • Documents sent through courier have costs attached for physical transportation
  • The manual movement of documents may have delays in reaching the credit hub
  • There is a possibility of not attaching mandatory documents
  • There is a possibility of misplacement of documents which in turn cause delays
  • Document copies are often maintained in various stages of the process, adding to cost of paper and storage
  • Lack of visibility in tracking the process at different stages result in communication gaps and loss of productivity


DStore completely automates these processes by document capture, management and work flow

  • Documents scanned at branch office with the capture module are indexed and archived in a central repository
  • Digitized documents move across branches from verification to approval
  • Approved requests with documents are routed to the person in charge at head office
  • Along with the credit rating, documents are sent for various approvals in the head office
  • At each stage of movement of documents there will be an alert for missing mandatory documents.
  • New documents added to the document set will be immediately available at the current processing stage
  • The stage of loan processing can be tracked for a status notification
  • Integration to existing software enables exchange of data.


  • Reduces transit time for loan processing
  • Avoids courier charges
  • Reduces document copy charges and storage space
  • Enhances customer satisfaction
  • Improves operational exigency
  • Case Study   : UFC

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