DStore @ Work


  • Install DStore in a central server
  • Configure business process parameters


  • Scan paper documents
  • Import electronic documents of various formats
  • Add indexes and archive electronic documents

Access Documents

  • Login over intranet/internet
  • View documents
  • Edit and Version documents
  • Share documents
  • Workflow of documents
DStore Modules

Data Capture

Using leading edge Kofax software, data capture includes:

  • Digitizing of paper documents
  • Import of electronic documents
  • Enhancing image quality
  • Image size reduction
  • Indexing of images
  • Release to D-Store

Document Management

  • Central repository
  • Web based access on internet or intranet
  • User access based on hierarchy and role
  • Upload electronic documents
  • Search/retrieve documents based on indexes and content
  • Version Control on documents
  • Messaging between users

Work Flow

  • Control movement of a document either individual document or a folder
  • Pre-define the path for approve or reject conditions


  • Self configurable electronic forms
  • User authorization to enter data for each field
  • Eforms for approval process(Travel, leave, asset, Purchase requisition etc)

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